Rest assured, one thing is for sure… after all this routine of staying indoors and online activity, holidays and new experiences are set to be the first thing on everyones ‘to do’ list! Or should that be ‘go-to’?!

Getting away from it all and releasing yourself from the confinements of home may seem like a far flung aspiration, however hygge it might be in this ideal time to be surfing for faff-free trips.

The reality of tourism for 2021/22, will be best placed anywhere that doesn’t require a que! That leaves apéro bar crawls and summiting Everest out, but a private tasting at 2,000 ft (in a Hot Air Balloon!) or Nepalese basecamp trek is ideal… Anywhere in the natural world, where we can relax and rejuvenate whilst journeying on our own terms seems like a dream right now.

New for 2021 are our eBike trips; cycle through Puglia, along the coast of south-eastern Italy, experiencing its history, architecture and cuisine or take the spiritual approach along the final section of the Pilgrims Path, embracing nature and culture along the Via Francigena to Rome. Flexibility is key at LBH, so this is also available as a 100k hike to Rome or opt for the Tuscan leg of the Via Francigena.

For those of you that already live near LBH HQ (aka The French Alps) we have trips on your doorstep – airports not required! Starting from Lake Geneva (Lac Leman to the French!) choose to hike the GR5 to Samöens or to Chamonix. For 4000m peak or multiple destination baggers, there is also the ‘TMB’, the Tour de Mont Blanc which encompasses three countries. Alternatively there is the lesser known Via Spluga, an alpine pass that takes in both Italy and Switzerland

Let us know about your vision for your next trip and as things open up, we’ll be sure to contact you. Whether you live in the UK, Europe, America or beyond, we’ll keep it as simple as possible for you, ensuring the itinerary suits your needs. For things beyond our control, we offer free date changes or full refunds if trips are cancelled.

In the meantime, if you want to travel to new places ASAP then try immersing yourself in icy water. No really! It’s great trip prep, mentally and physically therapeutic, life affirming and adventurous without having to leave your home as you could even start in the shower! For inspiration, here’s Ali, our Digital Consultant at our local lake; 2°c | 1240m | French Alps.