Hiking in Val Chiavenna on the Italian / Swiss border

Blend the Italian ‘Dolce Vite’ with the majestic Swiss mountains and enjoy hiking the Via Spluga

Linking Italy and Switzerland, the via Spluga represents a classic cultural 65km hiking route within the central Alps which, throughout the centuries, has linked the towns of Thusis and Chiavenna, hence incorporating the Grigionese people, the Rhaeto-Romansch, Walser and the population of Lombardia. Most of the Via Spluga winds its way gently along old mule-tracks which have either maintained their original characteristics or have at least been restored to something like their natural state. The route, gives you the opportunity to appreciate a slice of genuine history and also permits the walker to get to know a very particular mountain terrain alongside the local population whose life has been influenced by generations of travellers making their way across the Alpine pass.
We offer the Via Spluga Classic (6 days / 5 nights).

Key information

June, July, August, September and October

Self Guided or Guided

Duration: 6 days

Grading: Challenging 65km

Nearest Airport: Milan (MXP, LIN, BGY)

Starting point: Chiavenna

Cost €800 pp B&B 5 nights / 6 days

Cost €1020 pp HB 5 nights / 6 days

Dog friendly (price on request)


The complete route…

From Thusis to Chiavenna

Check out the 3D map to view the entire route. The plane icon offers a fly-through of the pass, whilst the bullet icon will give you a topographical, bird’s eye view.  Click on the 3D map to enlarge to full screen.

Contact us for seperate GPX files, split per day into your chosen schedule.

At A Glance

Days 1 - 2

Travelling by bus from Chiavenna we arrive in the historical town of Thusis in the canton of Grisons. Its appearance has been particularly influenced by a centuries-old role as a transit town. The historic centre of Thusis has for this very reason assumed an almost urban character with its tightly-knit housing, and wide streets for the passage of horse-drawn carriages, and pack-carrying animals, alongside extensive cellars and huge warehouses. Setting out from Thusis, before very long we arrive at one of the most picturesque yet dramatic of environs: the Via Mala gorges, this stretch ends at the delightful village of Andeer, hosting its splendidly decorated houses and little cobbled streets. An opportunity to enjoy a complimentary spa.


Days 3 - 4

From the capital of the Romansch language, a somewhat particular Neo-Latin native tongue, we head off for the magnificent Roffla Waterfalls. From there we journey through Spruce woodlands
which lead us to Sufers, a village dating back to the Carolingian epoch, situated in a basin in the valley floor. Following the ancient dirt track we finally reach Splügen, a town which continued to develop over the centuries thanks to commerce in transit through the Pass which separates Switzerland and Italy. Alpine pastures with breathtaking panorama of the surrounding peaks, cobbled/paved mule-tracks that feature along this high-altitude and expansive section. As we move up from the village on the northern slope of the Pass prior to the descent on the Italian side to the village of Montespluga, where you can breathe in the atmosphere of times past.


Days 5 - 6

A section which is practically all downhill in nature, following the route of the Liro torrent and introducing the hiker to the joys of Val San Giacomo: we’re wandering along pathways between well-tended dry-stone wall and meadow, through chestnut groves and taking in places of considerable historical and religious interest. We approach Chiavenna along a path with magnificent panorama over the length of Valchiavenna; from the age-old terraces hosting traditional vineyards you catch your first glimpse of a very special Alpine community, with its immaculately preserved historic centre. On arrival in Chiavenna you have the opportunity to visit the splendid renaissance mansion – Palazzo Vertemate Franchi – with is elaborately frescoed walls and ceilings depicting huge scenarios from Greek mythology or maybe the Acquafraggia waterfalls in Borgonuovo.

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Need To Know


A variety of charming friendly hotels all centrally located.

What’s included


  • All accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • Packed lunches
  • Optional half board on request
  • Entrance to Thermal Baths Andeer (2 hrs)
  • Entance to Via Mala Gorge, St Martino church,  and the regional museum in Zillis, the Roffla Gorge, the Museum of Via Spluga in Campodolcino, the Mill of Bottonera or Paradiso botanical garden in Chiavenna, the Vertemate Franchi Palace in Piuro
  • Luggage transfers
  • 1:50 000 map , GPS coordinates and information guide

This is a SELF GUIDED trip, however should you prefer to have the expertise of an International Mountain Leader then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We adopt an excellent guiding ratio meaning we can cater for differing levels within the group:

One Guide – 1 – 7 clients

Two Guides – 8 – 14 clients


Booking and Price

Cost: Via Spluga – Classic 6 days and 5 nights – includes breakfast and picnic lunch

Standard room €800 pp

Standard room €1020 pp – Classic 6 days and 5 nights – includes breakfast, picnic lunch & dinner

Single supplement €30 per day

Dog friendly €small surcharge per day

We manage every booking independently to ensure attention to detail and provide a personalised service.

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