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Helping you get the most from your trip

Having an enjoyable, unforgettable and safe trip are the most important elements of the Live Breathe Hike experience. To help you understand each journey to the fullest extent we have graded the trip and given an indication of the fitness and preparation required.

All of our trips are led by qualified, highly capable and knowledgeable Mountain Leaders who use their breadth of experience to ensure the hikes are safe and enjoyable, with plenty of time for rest breaks, snacks and photos to enjoy the mountain experience.


Understanding and preparing for your trip



Suitable for people with little experience and intermediate levels of fitness. Hikes are short with gentle gradients and require the walker to carry a small rucksack containing basic essentials.
1 – 4 hours hiking per day



Some hiking experience is preferable although not essential. Average to good levels of fitness required. Half and full day hikes are undertaken with multiple moderate ascents and descents and require the hiker to carry a small rucksack containing basic essentials.
3 – 5 hours hiking per day



Hiking experience is essential. Good to excellent fitness required to complete day-long hikes carrying a small rucksack where multiple ascents and descents are undertaken.
6 – 8 hours hiking per day




Strong levels of fitness are required and you will have experience of multi-day hikes in mountainous terrain, carrying a rucksack. Hiking days can be long with multiple ascents and descents. You will also have the ability to cope with several days of hiking, often staying in different locations every night.
7 – 10 hours of hiking per day


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Happy and healthy on the hills and trails


Fitness Advice and Guidance

As with all adventure trips, proper fitness and preparation will greatly enhance, not only your enjoyment of the trip but also the enjoyment of the trip for the other people in your group.

For trips graded as ‘easy’, several preparatory walks, carrying a day pack for a duration from three to four hours, would be recommended.

Before undertaking any of our trips graded from ‘challenging’ to ‘strenuous’, we recommend that you undertake a program of purposeful preparation training or are clearly confident in your own fitness and hiking experience. You must be able to cope with six to eight hours of hiking in mountainous terrain on a daily basis, whilst carrying a rucksack.

A combination of cardio activity (running/biking/cross trainer/swimming) in addition to undertaking practice hikes of six to eight hours in undulating terrain while carrying a rucksack, is recommended.*

We recommend the use of two hiking poles to reduce the pressure on your knees and also assist with balance on rocky terrain.

If you have any questions on the grade and preparation for your trip we will be happy to assist. For further advice on physical preparation please contact your local gym or a fitness professional.

*As with all strenuous activity, please consult your GP before embarking on any physical training program.