New Year….. NEW Live Breathe Hike!

Happy New Year!!!! 2019 is off to an amazing start….already! And we are only a week into January.

I’ve just returned from leading a fantastic snowshoeing adventure here in the Alps, we’ve had beautiful fresh snowfall and I couldn’t be feeling more energised or excited about what 2019 (and beyond) holds.

First off…if you are reading this blog then you must have discovered our new website which we are immensely proud of.  Live Breathe Hike worked with Andy and ‘Bad Pickle Media’ (be sure to look them up if you are in the market for a website) to design a website that was reflective of our ethos and how we wanted to present our trips.

We wanted something with a clean aesthetic, but which incorporated a contemporary feel and stood out from our competitors. We also knew that the user experience and how the website presented information about each of our trips was paramount to the user experience, giving potential and returning customers confidence in selecting Live Breathe Hike to take them on their next adventure.

We believe that Live Breathe Hike’s trips and excursions are unique and occupy a special place in the adventure travel market, so from the outset, we knew it was important that our new website be equally unique and special. I hope you like the new site and we would value your feedback and input as to how we can continue to improve it based on your user experience, so please do drop us a line….we’d love to hear from you.

I always say that the Live Breathe Hike experience doesn’t simply begin when you arrive in country, but extends from the first moment you encounter Live Breathe Hike, online or via social media, all the way through to your return home having had an amazing trip…and beyond. I really hope that our new website embodies that desire and reflects our culture of quality and customer focus at every stage of the Live Breathe Hike experience.

Please do stay tuned for more blog posts and updates and of course follow us on social media, on Twitter, on Facebook and of course on Instagram where we regularly post trip information, offers, travel advice or simply fun content that we’d love to share with you all.

Wishing you all the best for 2019.

See you on the trail.