eBike – Puglia 6 days, 49-53 km per day
eBike – Via Francigena to Rome 9 days, 33-60 km per day


Our trips typically cover 33 to 60 km per day. With an eBike, the distance covered can become negligible in terms of effort, yet exciting in terms of joy and new experiences!

My first eBike rental was on the sunny isle of Mallorca – known for its MAMILS (that’s middle aged men in lycra) You know the look, skin tight outfits razzing on road bikes! But the great thing about eBikes is that one can wear whatever one wants! You can literally star in your own effortless picture postcard in a linen shirt or dress if that’s more your thing. You’ll still benefit from a refreshing breeze as you ride between fascinating locations and have room (and the battery power) to store and carry your bags, as the rear rack of an eBike can typically carry up to 25kg of kit. Although you can always take advantage of the luggage transfer option!


eBike Pack List

  • Wipes (Handy for food stops and ice cream breaks as well as your bike)
  • Water Bottle 
  • Multi-functional Headband (a layer between your head and helmet, useful for sun/sweat protection, or a last minute mask) LBH have just launched their own headband which you will receive as a complimentary gift!
  • Shades (you’d bring those anyway, right?! The types with different lenses are useful as they serve to protect you from debris/flies in low light as well as the sun)
  • Lightly padded gloves/shorts (for comfort during longer days)

Our eBikes come with a charger, lock, bottle cage and helmet as standard (n.b. helmets are not mandatory in Italy so do confirm you would like one). The encased chain, electronic gearing, anti-puncture tyres and wheel design makes the likelihood of having a ‘mechanical’ very slim (although a repair kit is always included). I’d recommend taking advantage of this design by making sure you keep in the same gear (especially if you ever have it in manual mode) and simply use the booster settings for any hills!

Of course if you want to build up a sweat you can bring your sports gear and put the bike in eco mode – or switch the battery off entirely and use the gears, but in that case you may as well opt for a hybrid or trekking bike and save pedalling the weight of the battery around. (n.b. Race bikes are also available at some locations!)


Advantages of eBikes on holiday

  • Suits groups with different fitness levels
  • 4 modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo (maximum assistance speed: 25 kph)
  • Travel up to 145k in eco mode or 65k in turbo (based on 75kg load and 1 charge)
  • Tired at the end of the day or running out of time? Simply switch to boost and you’ll be at your destination in no time, without worrying about fueling your body. (Walk assist mode is 0-6 kph) 
  • Recharge mobile devices via USB on board!
  • No roadside mechanics required
  • Transport extra kit without extra effort
  • Recharge the batteries in a few hours (or overnight) at your destination
  • Improves blood circulation, and facilitates stress release (it’s still light exercise)


Be sure to indicate your height when booking as this will be taken into account where different size bikes are available – you’ll still have to pedal and therefore be able to reach the pedals even if it is electrically powered. It’s also a good idea to pack light so that you can find things easily… and also to leave room for any goodies you might want to pick up along your journey! N.B. Each trip has a slightly different eBike fleet.

Take a look at our eBiking trips in Italy; choose from cycling along the coast of Puglia over 6 days (averaging 50km a day), or join the last leg of the Via Francigena and pedal to Rome over 9 days (with days varying from 33 to 60km). 

If you have any questions, do get in touch!